OSK™ O-Ring Kit 200 Piece 12 Sizes Square Buna-N 70


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200 Piece O-Ring Kit in 12 Popular Sizes - Square O-Rings - Square Cut Washer Rings

Standard grades of NBR are typically resistant to mineral oil-based lubricants and greases, many grades of hydraulic fluids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, silicone oils and greases and water to about 80°C.

Material: 70 Durometer Buna-N Square

Square O-Ring Kit Includes:

  • 35pc -010    0.239"ID X 0.371"OD X 0.066"CS    6.07mm ID X 9.43mm OD X 1.68mm CS
  • 35pc -011    0.301"ID X 0.433"OD X 0.066"CS    7.65mm ID X 11.01mm OD X 1.68mm CS
  • 25pc -012    0.364"ID X 0.496"OD X 0.066"CS    9.25mm ID X 12.61mm OD X 1.68mm CS
  • 25pc -013    0.426"ID X 0.558"OD X 0.066"CS    10.82mm ID X 14.18mm OD X 1.68mm CS
  • 25pc -110    0.362"ID X 0.56"OD X 0.099"CS    9.19mm ID X 14.21mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 10pc -111    0.424"ID X 0.622"OD X 0.099"CS    10.77mm ID X 15.79mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 10pc -112    0.487"ID X 0.685"OD X 0.099"CS    12.37mm ID X 17.39mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 10pc -113    0.549"ID X 0.747"OD X 0.099"CS    13.94mm ID X 18.96mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 10pc -114    0.612"ID X 0.81"OD X 0.099"CS    15.54mm ID X 20.56mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 10pc -115    0.674"ID X 0.872"OD X 0.099"CS    17.12mm ID X 22.14mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 10pc -116    0.737"ID X 0.935"OD X 0.099"CS    18.72mm ID X 23.74mm OD X 2.51mm CS
  • 8pc -210    0.734"ID X 1.002"OD X 0.134"CS    18.64mm ID X 25.44mm OD X 3.4mm CS
  • 7pc -211    0.796"ID X 1.064"OD X 0.134"CS    20.22mm ID X 27.02mm OD X 3.4mm CS

Operating Temperature: -40 to 212°F

O-Rings Seal Kit assembled with High Performance Seals!

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