AM54-12501750-312 MCU-D Metal Clad Wiper Seal

1.25" ID X 1.75" OD X 0.312" HT

Heavy Duty Metal Clad Wiper Seal

Metal cased wiper, designed to press-fit into open groove housings. Comprises a precisely trimmed polyurethane wiping element which is securely bonded to a metal case treated with a rust inhibitor. Capable of operating in dirty conditions, the proportions of the polyurethane wiping lip allow it to follow the side movement of the rod and to clear away heavily deposited dirt. Suitable for light, medium and heavy duty applications, the wiper has been designed to provide ease of
installation and offers excellent durability in service.


  • Ease of assembly
  • Long life
  • Precision trimmed wiping lip
  • Metal case treated with a rust inhibitor
  • Wide range of application uses

Seal Materials:

  • High Performance Polyurethane
  • Metal Cased Wiper

 Operating conditions:

  • Maximum Speed: 3.0 ft/sec (1.0m/sec)
  • Temperature Range: -40°F +212°F ( -40°C +100°C )


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  • Model: AM54-12501750-312
    Dimensions: 1.25" ID X 1.75" OD X 0.312" HT
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