AS568-323 TPE Hytrel Back-up Rings

AS568-323 (0.183" W X 1.316"ID X 0.076"HT)

Molded of 55D Durometer Hytrel, these back-up rings provide excellent extrusion resistance and tolerance to fluids such as phosphate esters, hydraulic oil and water. Stretched for installation, they return quickly to their original size for easy installation.

NOTE: Sizes (Dash No.) corresponds to standard O-ring numbers.

Seal Information

Material: 55D Hytrel
Temperature Range: -65° to +275°F
Pre assure range varies according to clearance.
Part Number: (Prefix) - (Dash No.)



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  • Model: BU323-P
    Dimensions: Fits O-Ring Size -323
    0.183" W X 1.316"ID X 0.076"HT
    4.649mm W X 33.427mm ID X 1.931mm HT
  • 102 in Stock
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