AN-22-SH 2-1/8" Rod Wiper Seal


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  • Model: AN-22-SH
    Dimensions: 2.125" Rod x 2.434" OD x 0.104" Heel
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2.125" Rod x 2.434" OD x 0.104" Heel

Light Duty Snap-In Style Wipers

AN Wiper - Light duty snap-in wiper that will retrofit into glands prescribed in MS-33675. These Army Navy or AN wipers are designed to retrofit old MS-33675 grooves. AN wipers are typically numbered to correspond with the MS-28776 design guide.

AN wipers are manufactured from a blend of polyester compounds that gives maximum flexibility at cold temperatures, superior abrasion resistance, and greater fluid compatibility. SH type AN wiper seals are equipped with a rib on the I.D. to prevent rocking or twisting. AN type rod wipers are self-venting. Heel vents stop the wiper from being blown out by pressure trapping. High durometer, high tensile strength and high impact resistance permit these components to meet the demands for light duty applications.

  • Applications: Light duty, low friction
  • Materials: POLY-TREL Compound HT47 (Hytrel)
  • Temperature range: -50°F to +275°F
  • Max Velocity: 3.3 ft/sec

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