2mm x 15mm ID Temperature & Chemical Resistant PTFE Metric O-Rings


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PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene (AKA Teflon® O-Rings)

Temperature & Chemical Resistant PTFE is a popular O-Ring material which is White in color. The PTFE O-Rings for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material. PTFE is the chemically inert of the O-ring materials. It is resistant to most chemicals including acids, bases, oils, steam and other chemicals. It is also very tough and abrasive resistant. However the material is not easily compressed, and therefore may not seal as easily as some of the other polymers. Its outstanding tear resistance and abrasive resistance result in its slippery surface properties that make it advantageous for use in seals in moving systems such as mass spectrometer probes and valves.

Chemical Resistance

  • Excellent resistance to almost all chemicals
  • Not subject to ageing, so a near infinite shelf / storage life
  • Can be use in food, chemical and medical industries (among others)
  • Low elasticity (memory), making it unsuitable for dynamic applications unless energised by suitable material (I.E. rubber)
  • Low coefficient of friction

Not Compatible with:

  • Low compression vacuum sealing flanges
  • High vacuum seals
  • High temperature steam.

Operating Temperature: -100 to 500°F (-150 to 260°C)


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