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We make getting o-rings easy! Keep a MAX Truck kit in your shop, counter or service truck.

Have the most common inch size o-rings under 3" Inside Diameter at your fingertips. To save time and money every retail counter, shop and service truck should have one or all 4 of these o-ring kits within reach. Five internal boxes contains 1415 O-Rings in the most popular sizes 1/16" C/S, 3/32" C/S, 1/8" C/S, Boss, and Flange fitting o-rings.

Size not listed, special requirements or large quantities please click this link to Request a Price Quote.

$185.00  $150.00
Save: 19% off
$610.00  $525.00
Save: 14% off
$299.00  $250.00
Save: 16% off