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Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings - We make getting o-rings easy!!

Spliced and vulcanized o-rings are a great solution when standard o-rings are not manufactured or available. Spliced o-rings are made from extruded o-ring cord and then vulcanized to form the o-ring size (ID) required. The O-Ring Store provides seamless spliced English & Metric O-Rings in all of the standard materials in a variety of cross sections. Vulcanized O-Rings from 4-1/2" ID to 48" ID are produced to Class 2  +0.8% tolerances and are always visually inspected, 48" and up are produced with Class 3 +1.20% tolerances.

How to measure an O-Ring?O-ring Size Diagram

O-rings are actually really easy to measure. All you need to do is measure the internal diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) and the width or cross section (C/S) of the o ring. The diagram shows exactly where these dimensions are to be found. Once you have these measurements you then need to decide if the size you need is an AS568 inch size or a metric oring and select the compound you need.

The O-Ring Store LLC offers the seal industry's largest selection of O-rings, all availble to you online. In addition to standard AS568 and metric sizes, we also custom manufacture O-rings to satisfy customers' specific needs for special sizes and compounds. We make getting o-rings easy!

YouTube video on how to order O-Rings from our website: Order O-Rings On-line