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When someone looks at an O-Ring, they usually don’t think it can cost upwards to several hundred dollars apiece. Most of the time, general-purpose O-Rings in bulk run only fractions of a penny to The most highly chemical resistant O-Rings cost hundreds of dollars each. The cost of the O-Ring is greatly affected by the elastomer used to make it, the standards in which it is made and if it is made domestically or imported. The most popular and least expensive elastomer is imported Nitrile (Buna-N). More than fifty percent of sealing needs can be met using Buna-N Nitrile. The most chemical resistant and highest temperature O-Ring is the  Simriz® Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) SZ498 O-Rings made in California. While every seal serves the same purpose (to block the passage of liquid or gas) they are all exposed to different environments. Many demanding industries like oil field machinery and chemical processing can expose O-Rings to extreme temperatures and caustic fluids on a daily basis. Sometimes, rubber seals made from specialty elastomers are the only thing that will withstand those applications. You certainly wouldn’t want to use the same O-Ring you put in your kitchen sink as you would in aerospace applications like SpaceX or NASA. We serve all O-Ring markets and needs by having great factory partners in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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And the very best SZ498 High-Temperature & Chemical Resistant Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) Simriz® O-Rings

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